Cross the Bridge to Success

Welcome to LMC Design Services.  My name is Lisa Marie and I am committed to delivering effective Web-based solutions that bring people closer together through the World Wide Web and generate positive growth financially and consciously.

My passion for a career in web design began when I was introduced to website management while working at a large travel agency. I excelled at developing internet based marketing projects to promote travel package campaigns, designed and implemented company and affiliate websites, email newsletters and other promotional campaigns. I also designed, implemented and managed a high-volume intranet website for the telecommunications division of a national Fortune-500 Mortgage Company.  Today, through innovative techniques, I create compelling websites that reflect a positive online presence. I work with you throughout the development process and strive to best reflect your business.

My work as web designer and web CMS support for 600+ web content owners in the US Environmental Protection Agency include: monitoring help desk calls and emails, assist with user requests and problems, assist users with EPA Web standards, content development using Drupal Web CMS tools/HTML/jQuery/ JavaScript code, regression testing and building test scripts. I conduct Drupal Web CMS webinar training sessions, and produce and publish Drupal CMS functionality training videos for EPA web builders.

I enjoy exploring the many variations of creativity to project experiences and ideas through text and art forms. My design work includes CD cover designs, banners, promotional advertisements, photographic enhancements, photo restoration, slideshow presentations, and other graphic work.

When my children were young I volunteered in the classroom, and due to my B.A. degree in Music, I ultimately became a music appreciation teacher for elementary school students. I spent many hours putting together hands-on projects such as puzzles, art books, and masques, to make learning about music fun and informative.  As a Balinese Gamelan (orchestra) teacher, I introduced the music and culture of Bali through various art projects. My gamelan performed at various functions throughout the city.  I also organized a multi-cultural fair that included creating advertisement posters, flags, and activities.

One of my favorite pastimes is telling a story through photography. I don’t consider myself a highly advanced photographer and my college degree is not in photography, I learned this form of art on my own and honestly, learning something new every day truly inspires me to go higher. My love for exploring how life unfolds through nature, people, animals, cities, architecture, landscapes, art, etc, has inspired me to capture these moments through my camera lens.

As an amateur writer during my spare time, there is so much I want to say, and so I started a few blogs about topics that are of interest to me. As a mother with a son who suffers from mental illness, writing about my experiences during the onset and recovery process of his journey, has tremendously helped me understand, embrace, and accept this reality, allowing both of us to live a normal and fruitful life. Being a native of California, I have so many interesting experiences that I want to share with fellow natives. My love of hiking has inspired me to write what I feel when on the trails in the mountains, in a field, or on a beach. As John Muir once said, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

Thank you for visiting my site, enjoy!