Being Creative Through Graphics

“Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies and humors.” – George Santayana

Hello, my name is Lisa Marie and thank you for visiting LMC Design Services. I enjoy exploring the many variations of graphics to create a visual communication, projecting experiences and ideas through text and art forms. My work includes CD cover designs, web design, banners, promotional advertisements, photographic enhancements, photography, photo restoration, video presentations, and other graphic design work. As a music appreciation teacher, I spent many hours putting together creative hands on projects to make learning about composers and their culture fun and informative. Some projects included puzzles, art books, masques, and much more that the students loved. As a Balinese Gamelan teacher, I introduced the music and culture of Bali through various art projects and cooking.  I have organized a multi-cultural fair that included creating advertisement posters, flags, and other projects.